As a professional REO broker whose reputation depends upon how you manage your clients’ assets, I’d like to introduce you to Focus Real Estate Services.

We are a small, efficient, full-service REO property preservation company that offers highly professional and personal services to our customers – you can always reach us by phone and/or email and we always respond! We take pride in offering time-sensitive and price-conscious service, while meeting all client requirements and timelines. We have a full team of registered and qualified professional contractors in Florida, ready to work on your properties.

FRES provides any preservation, repair or maintenance services required, including but not limited to the following:

Initial Services

• Property Inspections, Reports & Photos

• Lockout

• Rekey

• Secure

• Board Up

Cleaning & Preservation

• Trash Out (interior & exterior)

• Remove Hazardous Debris

• Cleaning/Janitorial Services

• Pump Out

Yard Care

• Lawn Maintenance

• Tree Services

• Snow Removal

• Pool/Spa Drainage & Securing


• Heating Systems

• Pipes

• Sprinkler Systems

Full Range Repairs & Improvements

• Demolition Services

• Mold Remediation

• Complete Repairs/Rehabs

• Carpentry, Flooring & Painting

• Emergency Services/Vandalism

During all services, we maintain communication with you and coordinate with the vendor. We can assign one of our approved vendors to any property, or we can register vendors that you are accustomed to using. All services are performed to meet client specifications and guidelines. Estimates and bids are submitted promptly for review. Contractors will invoice FRES directly!

To discuss having Focus Real Estate Services protect and maintain the REO properties in your inventory, please contact me.

Try our services today!